You Wanted The Best? You Got The Best.

When you enter Shandi’s Music & More, you’re experiencing something many Americans — and others around the world — don’t get to experience much any more.

In the 21st century, independent music stores are a dying breed, and ones who hold on to the old “screw you, we’ll do it OUR way” attitude are even harder to find.

Click on the image to get an idea of just how much STUFF we've got.

Yet when you enter Shandi’s, you’re confronted with thousands of CD’s and DVD’s, musical instruments (especially guitars), rack after rack of hard rock and heavy metal shirts, cases of video games, tons of body jewelry, action figures, memorabilia, and literally more stuff than you can absorb in one visit.

The staff is a collection of friendly weirdos who know obscure musical facts, somehow manage to find everything in the controlled chaos, and gleefully insult each other and anything else they find.  It’s all in good fun, and people often come in JUST to hang out with the staff!  Or possibly the cat…

Somewhere amidst all the stuff lurks a little black cat named Creep, who loves to stalk customers and then perch on their shoulders.

Shandi’s Music & More is the kind of store you’ve always heard about and seen on TV, but isn’t supposed to exist anymore.  Shandi’s has survived and thrived in Canton, Illinois since October 2000, and people will travel from CHICAGO to come shop with us… we’ve even got some guys who travel up from Tennessee to come buy rare music and collectibles.

In an era when the music industry is changing and becoming bland and wimpy, and music stores are giving way to the sanitized shit you find at Wal-Mart, Shandi’s Music & More is an anachronism… a place where music MATTERS and where corporate attitudes mean nothing.  In short…

It’s the best damned music store you’ll ever find.

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